Sunday, January 31, 2010

first blog post and recipe

Hi everybody and welcome to my cooking tips and recipes site .
today i am giving you one of many free recipes so be sure to copy this
and return everyweek for other recipes and tips, im sure you will love
todays recipe and it doesnt take to long to whip up either, for those in a


500 grams steak cut into thin strips - 1 clove of garlic-
1 tsp of worcestershire sauce - 1 beef stock cube-
1 cup of cabbage cut, finely sliced strips- 6 shallots sliced-
2 tbs of oil -1 tsp of soy sauce-
half a tsp of curry- 1 tsp of margarine-
1 red capsicum sliced- 1 cup of sliced celery-

first step is to add oil to fry pan and then meat cook meat until it changes colour,
DONT completely cook the meat at this stage, Then add garlic , soy sauce and
worcestershire sauce, curry and the beef stock cube. Cover and simmer for 10 mins,
Then you can add the margarine, celery, shallots, capsicum and cabbage, toss over
fairly high heat for 2 or 3 mins and serve . Sit back and watch everyone devour it .

Ok well thats all i have for you today please dont forget to drop in regularly for more
goodies all the time . regards Claudia

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